Best in the World in Dungeons & Dragons

Best in the World in D&D

For a period of time, your’s truly (going by the name of “Dungeon Master”) was “Best in the World” in something. Proudly, this ‘best’ was in D&D trivia in what used to be a pretty damn good trivia app called QuizUp.

Easily 100 hours of my life… poof but worth it for the above screenshot!

This was a little misleading, because they remove your stats if you don’t log in for a period of time. There was another user who was quite legendary; the user went by the name “Lord Soth”. He actually had double my score. But, he quit playing right when I started. So I would be #2 on a truly “all time” scoreboard, it just wasn’t posted that way. I had posted such in my bio in respect because that dude was a friggin stud. So, I mention him here too.

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