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Smoking: Sutliff Tobacco Galleria Night Cap

#GenConHaul 2018

This year’s Gen Con is over. Yes, I had to wake up early to fight for parking and it was a crowded, chaotic, mess. And yes, I had to wait in line for a whole fucking hour (from ~00:15 AM to ~01:15 AM!!!) to pick up one ticket purchased late for will call pickup. And, yes, there were some crazy controversies this year. But.. I had a good time. I met some cool people. Played some good games, all with good DMs. Got a couple books signed by authors. Sat in two really good panels. Met some creators that I really like. Ate yummy food truck grub. Drank a bunch of caffeine during the day and beer in the evening. And, I judged my first convention games; and that, was a TOTAL blast! Definitely doing more of that!

First stop after the exhibit hall opened, was to the Goodman Games booth where I picked up some of the new/updated or convention exclusive stuff. Later, I came back and picked up program guides I didn’t have and turned in some tickets for some swag 🙂

Second stop Thursday morning, was to the Lamentations of the Flame Princess Booth. I would have bought more (I intended to buy one of everything they’d had!), but… they weren’t accepting digital payments? So, I could only pick up what I could afford with the cash in my pocket at the time. Very disappointing actually.

Over the rest of the con, picked up some dice (Gamescience, Impact Miniatures), and pins (Flying Buffalo, Norse Foundry), and stopped by the Dwarven Forge booth to pick up a snake man mini for mentioning that I’ve been a KS backer. Lastly, picked up a Paizo button. Only because I was surprised to see big bowls of them all week. They always seemed to have disappeared in the past. Didn’t seem to be so popular this year? I thought that was a little funny, so I took one! Mathfinder 2.0 anyone?

Picked up some shirts and a onesie for my daughters 🙂 they both like cats, and the one loves foxes!

Smoking: Sutliff Tobacco Galleria Night Cap

Lazy Eye Marble Set for Curse of Strahd

I was going through my folders and saw that I saved a screenshot of this. There was a call for ideas to be used in Dragon+ Magazine. This was after release of Curse of Strahd. They wanted suggestions for creepy toys that may be at home in Blinsky‘s collection. I thought of something on the spot. Wrote it up and sent it in. I kinda freaked when I opened up that issue and saw my suggestion! A few suggestions got an art piece. Richard Whitters hit it out of the park. Thanks dude, you made my day 🙂

Lazy Eye Marble Set


A bag of glass-eye marbles fashioned in various shades of green, blue, brown, and hazel. When you roll a marble on the ground, it always appears to be looking at you.

Kevin Swartz

Dragon+ Magazine issue #7


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Cthulu I mean your Dungeon Master