Index of DCC RPG Patrons

Gods, Demigods, and other Supernatural Patrons found within published official and 3rd party DCC RPG products

work in progress!

AhrimanGodChaosGod of Death and DiseaseDCC RPG Core Book
Amun TorGodNeutralGod of Mysteries and RiddlesDCC RPG Core Book
AnectorDevilChaosDCC 83 The Chained Coffin
AristemisThe Insightful OneDemigodLawDemigoddess of True Seeing and StrategyDCC RPG Core Book
Azi DahakaDemon Prince of Storms and WasteDemonDCC RPG Core Book
BobugbubilzDemon Lord of AmphibiansDemonDCC RPG Core Book
CadixtatTitanChaosDCC RPG Core Book
ChoranusThe Seer FatherGodLawLord of CreationDCC RPG Core Book
CthulhuDead CthulhuNeutralPriest of the Old OnesDCC RPG Core Book
CulmenthdorThe SunderedGongfarmers Almanac 2017 vol 5
DaentharThe Mountain LordGodLawGreater God of Earth and IndustryDCC RPG Core Book
Dread OneAberrationthose who haunt the nightmares of all sea creaturesTales from the Magician’s Skull no 2
DrezztaDemigodDCC 68 Hole in the Sky
FelanChaos LordChaosDCC 67 Sailors on the Starless Sea
FlashChaosBrother of Twilight. Both are royal heirs to the King of the Light Elves.Gongfarmers Almanac 2017 vol 5
GorhanThe Helmed VengeanceGodLawGod of Valor and ChivalryDCC RPG Core Book
GromDCC RPG Core Book
HaadeDevilChaosDCC 83 The Chained Coffin
Hidden LordGodChaosGod of SecretsDCC RPG Core Book
IldavirGodNeutralGoddess of NatureDCC RPG Core Book
IthhaPrince of Elemental WindDemigodDCC RPG Core Book
JusticiaGodLawGoddess of Justice and MercyDCC RPG Core Book
KlazathGodLawGod of WarDCC RPG Core Book
Lady in BlueChaos LordDCC 68 Hole in the Sky
LoptirGodLawDCC 2013 Holiday Module The Old God's Return
MalotochGodChaosThe Carrion Crow GodDCC RPG Core Book
ManateecuhtliIt of the Hundred Heads of a Hundred HandsGongfarmers Almanac 2017 vol 5
ModecaOl’ BlackcloakDevilChaosDCC 83 The Chained Coffin
MolanChaos LordChaosDCC 67 Sailors on the Starless Sea
NimlurunThe Unclean OneChaos LordChaosLord of Filth and PollutionDCC RPG Core Book
Obitu-QueThe Lord of the FiveDemonDCC RPG Core Book
PalimdybisDCC 68 People of the Pit
PelagiaGodNeutralGoddess of the SeaDCC RPG Core Book
QuetzalcoautwalrusThe Feathered PinnipedGongfarmers Almanac 2017 vol 5
RaxanhrrahFiendDCC 68 Hole in the Sky
SezrekanSezrekan the ElderArchmageDCC RPG Core Book
ShigazilnizthrubEater of WorldsGodChaosDCC 81 The One Who Watches From Below
ShulGodLawGod of the MoonDCC RPG Core Book
The CarnifexNeutralGoddess of executioners, flagellants, and torturersDCC 70 Jewels of the Carnifex
The King of ElflandArchfeyDCC RPG Core Book
The Slow GodGodDCC 67 Sailors on the Starless Sea, Reprint
The Three FatesDCC RPG Core Book
TjaptarGodChaosDCC 2013 Holiday Module The Old God's Return
TwilightChaosBrother of Flash. Both are royal heirs to the King of the Light Elves.Gongfarmers Almanac 2017 vol 5
UleshGodLawGod of PeaceDCC RPG Core Book
UnknownPatron of Duke MagnussenDCC 71 The 13th Skull
Van den DanderclandenArchmageChaosCRAWL! Fanzine 1
YddgrrlThe World RootDCC RPG Core Book