Greenwood of the Fey Sovereign for DCC RPG Review

This is a review I posted on with a few corrections and links and added to Adventure Lookup.

Greenwood of the Fey Sovereign is a low level adventure (zero level funnel, or small group of level 1’s) for the DCC RPG, which is suitable to be used in any other OSR style of RPG with minimal adaptation. It was successfully kickstarted by 357 backers in 2018.

Set in an otherwise typical fantasy setting, Greenwood is a kingdom within the land of fey. Think King of Elflands Daughter, sort of realm, where usual laws of nature are not what we “mere mortals” are used to, and magic is the norm, rather than the exception. In fact, I’d highly encourage the judge to read that book so they could better describe the world in this adventure.

This adventure consists of 10 encounters, starting with the players being conscripted by a rude and rough taskmaster who leads them into the Greenwood to fight for their human Earl who has declared war on the Fey King. In the adventure background, there are some key pieces of information, which don’t seem to play any further role in the adventure. (think Grima Wormtongue from Lord of the Rings; behind the scenes controlling this mortal Earl). However, these are certainly some nice story hooks later for when (if?) the PC’s escape the Greenwood…

After a couple encounters (and introduction to a kleptomaniac brownie), the players enter the fey King’s stronghold: a tall and magical tree which forms a tower. There is a beautiful hand drawn map on the inside cover which shows the layout of the tower and it’s six encounters. Encounters are varied between a couple that are potential straight up fights but with alternative methods to handle them, as well as some puzzles and traps (again with alternative methods offered for dealing with these). In typical DCC RPG fashion, the adventure ends with a deadly escape that will feel epic for any group of zero levels lucky enough to make it out alive.

In addition, there are some interesting magical items discoverable in this adventure. A new idea for a patron or deity, as well as an optional class (the Wild Elf, which is a variant of the standard Elf class) that I think is well thought out.

Overall, the entire module is well written and there are some things left open to serve as hooks for the Judge to fill in and make it their own. I have yet to run this, but I don’t see anything here that would keep one from running directly as written.

The artwork in this module is exceptional. The credits list the author as the artist and I see the ACK initials on each piece. This lends to a very cohesive feel for this entire book. The cover is a mysterious and colorful depiction of the final encounter. Every single interior art piece is hand drawn in black & white and I could see any one of them in an official GG DCC RPG module. My favorite is Mythcoat on page 11. On the back cover is an awesome OSR style, hand drawn character sheet.

I like how this adventure uses a setting that is probably underserved in this genre (Appendix N version of the fey lands) and is of a high production value. I hope to see more like it to come.

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