Funny Christmas Cards

We got this really funny card sent with cookies to our work today:

Starting DCC #67 Sailors on the Starless Sea tonight

What the PCs will be seeing when they show up tonight:

D&D Beyond Mobile Alpha Review

Goodman Games Road Crew

I’m so glad that I found this, has been a blast to participate in!

Twelve Days of Free Frog God!

I got this email today 🙂

The holidays are about giving to those you appreciate and Frog God Games appreciates you. Each day from now until December 25th there will be a free PDF from our catalog (regularly priced between 4.99 and 17.99) .For the next 24 hours (give or take) the Slumbering Tsar Part 1 is free to everyone at the Frog God Games website-

No purchase necessary. Simply point your browser to our website and click on the ‘Free Downloads’ tab to find the daily PDF. The PDF will be available for every system it was released for as of today (Slumbering Tsar was only on Pathfinder). So check your email or the website everyday for another free release until December 25th. Free releases are only available for 24 hours before they return to regular price. The releases can be combined with existing coupons (like the 30% coupon from Humble Bundle or other yet to be announced special offers).

I notice that the free PDF is listed as “Holiday Day 1 — Slumbering Tsar: The Desolation, Part 1” in their “Free Downloads” section.

Showing off DCC and MCC dice sets from Goodman Games – the perfect Christmas gift for your players

Happy Black Friday Delivery Day!

Troll Lord Games Advent Calendar Sale

I have really been enjoying the Back Friday sales lately for various RPG publishers this year. I’ve got quite a few boxes of books coming; I’ve told my wife to just go ahead and wrap them and put them under the tree for me for Christmas. Nothing like picking your own gifts!

Looks like some more deals coming our way heading into Chrstmas. Check out this Advent Calendar of Deals from Troll Lord Games!

My Review of Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers Of Hyperborea Second Edition

Review of Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers Of Hyperborea Second Edition on

Best Dungeon Mastering Advice

Best Dungeon Mastering advice I’ve received to date. Goes something like this:

“RPGs are like sex. So long as everyone involved is having fun, and keep coming back for more. You’re doing it right.”