Study in Drawing Pens

Compare Sakura Pigma and Prismacolor Pens

For a much more comprehensive study (to include comparing different papers), please see my updated post.

This is a little study of two sets of pens I’ve purchased. I’ve used the Prismacolor Premier pens so far. Comparing to the Sakura Pigma Micron Pens.

Click for the larger image. There is no processing; just a straight up scan.

I do believe I notice less bleeding with the Sakura Pigma pens. The Sakura Pigma set does cost $3.38 more (at this time on Amazon), but you do get one more size pen.

I like them both. The Prismacolor Premier set has a nice little box; nothing fancy, but is convenient. So, if you don’t need the 02 pen, want to save a couple bucks, and want a simple box, then the Prismacolor set is better. However, if you spend the little extra, I do think the Sakura Pigma pens are noticeably a little finer, but honestly a little difficult to see if not comparing side by side

One other note, I like the Prismacolor pens better in my hand. The Sakura Pigma pends rattle (I assume the ink cartridge inside) when you shake them.

So, like with a lot of things, some pros and cons for either one!

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