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Free Anime on Yahoo (through Hulu)


I think it’s been about a decade since I even considered going to a website starting with

However, I stumbled upon this. Apparently Yahoo has a streaming video service called Yahoo View. And, there’s an anime section.

Unfortunately, most that I’ve browsed so far is subtitled and not dubbed (hot debate, I know… but as I always say, “I read books. I don’t read TV. Similarly, if I wanted to read the anime, I’d pick up the manga”. This doesn’t seem too different than what is available on Crunchyroll who also has an annoyingly low amount of dubbed content.

However, Naruto is dubbed. (But, Naruto Shippuden beyond season 2 is only subbed, so we’ll keep the DVR schedule up for the latest US episodes.)

And, Bleach is available dubbed.

Unfortunately, one of my all-time favorites, Slayers, is only subbed 🙁

It appears that they are providing content through Hulu. I don’t use Hulu, and so since they got rid of the free version, I can’t compare how much of the Hulu anime collection is on here.

I don’t see an option to change the streaming resolution. From watching some Parasyte: The Maxim, I am guessing it’s in 480p.

I did get some blowback about turning off ad blocking, which is annoying, but I guess that’s the give and take for free content. I’m going to assume that the alternative is to pay for Hulu to get higher resolution and no ads.

Not nearly the selection as on Crunchyoll, but it’s nice seeing options. Go Yahoo?