200 Word RPG Challenge

The 200 word RPG challenge starts today. I saw this on G+ and hadn’t heard of such a thing! Mine is entitled “Moonlighting“. You can see all of the 2018 submissions posted so far here.

Obviously this is a creative writing exercise. But also, I see this as another example of the Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich game (mandatory torture for anyone working in a corporate setting at “team building” events).

It was fun to write something that, I hope, clearly gives enough instructions to play a simple game. This is actually very hard; I really doubt that I did a good job at all! But it’s still fun to try.

I wanted to make something that’s probably unique. So, when you’re doing something you’re unfamiliar with? Stick with what you do know! My idea was to have players act out the process of taking a patient history that leads to making a diagnosis. And yes, I wrote it while at work and looking forward to the next night off!

There’s only a few posted so far, but Bugbears really caught my eye. Hilarious!