Welcome to Gen Con and to Indianpolis

Indianapolis, INTo anyone traveling to Indianapolis for Gen Con. I want to Welcome you! I’m serious.. keep coming to one of the biggest events in Indy every year and keeping my state (and hometown) all that more nerdy!

FYI: Indiana is #11 on “The Nerdiest States in America“.

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IndyGaming Logo
IndyGaming Logo

Created a logo. Damn proud of it 🙂 Just have to share it with the world!

Gencon 2018 Planning


And the planning begins for GenCon 2018. Located in my home town (and the city that is the eponymous origin for the name of this blog!), GenCon is now in it’s 51st year.

First off, I’m running games at a convention for the first time. Two sessions of Portal Under the Stars, the zero level funnel by Joseph Goodman included in the DCC RPG core book (I believe it’s technically the ‘first’ DCC RPG adventure?). One session is already sold out and the other has one ticket remaining so there will be full tables with multiple opportunities for player death!

Signed up for multiple games with my friends (D&D 5e, Eclipse Phase, Shadowrun) and then I’m going to get to actually play a bunch of DCC RPG games. I wanted to do miniature painting seminars, but I’m gonna be super booked with games. Next year.

Lastly, the Exhibit Hall map was released today. Some of the stops I’ll definitely make:

  • Anything with “anime”, “japanime”, or “Tokyo” in the title; though these booths usually sell some really cheesy stuff LOL.
  • Ankama the day I take the daughters, cause everything there is super cuddly and cute.
  • Chaosium. Of course.
  • I would say Chessex, but honestly I think we have 20 tons of dice by now.. but you know I’ll still take a look 😉
  • Cosplay Deviants. And bring a camera..
  • Critical Role… lol NOT!!!
  • Dog Might cause those guys are always cool.
  • Dwarven Forge, although every time I stop by I get no respect for being someone who’s purchased > $20k of their stuff.. but still fun to browse
  • Elmore. ’nuff said.
  • Fez-O-rama. Where for 5 years, I always stop by on a Saturday or Sunday and told that the exact fez I want, in my size, “just sold out”.
  • Games and Gears – if they have the painted version of the GenCon special this year (last year they didn’t).
  • Games Workshop, where I always marvel at the painted minis but never actually buy any.
  • Gamescience, maybe I’ll buy some sets for the group to replace the sets I got them before and they blame me for rolling 1’s all the time.
  • Girl Genius, because with a name like that, I need to see what they sell.
  • Goodman Games since that’s my latest thing
  • Got Kilt. Maybe this will be the year..
  • H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society. Hmm… need to research what this is!
  • Halfprice Books, where half price somehow means paying twice what the collectible item cost originally when it was released. But I’m a sucker for always looking.
  • Hero Forge. Yes.
  • Impact Miniatures! Found out recently these guys are here in Indy.
  • Lamentations of the Flame Princess. Everyone speaks highly; I really need to get around to checking it out.
  • Miniature Building Authority, though the last thing I need is more miniature terrain to find a place to store (see comment on Dwarven Forge).
  • Miniature Market. ditto.
  • Profantasy Software, and ask them if there’s gonna be a MacOS version :p
  • Q-Workshop, every year they have something cooler I want.
  • Ravenswood Leather. Maybe this is the year I go to the Fisher’s Ren Faire drunk AND dressed.
  • Space Unicorn: Battle Over Cupcake Mountain. Really. I’m not joking.
  • The Wizard’s Wagon. ?huh. Have to see what it is. I’ve been talking with the nurses at work for months that I want one of those 70’s style vans with the airbrushed Wizard painted on it!
  • Wyrmwood if I’ve got money left

And probably 20 other booths that I’m just not recognizing the names at the moment; and of course we’ll just browse everything else.